Meimei in the Spotlight

I’m glad to present to you, the second interview in our series featuring the lovely meimei! It did take a while longer than expected, but it’s finally here! The audio doesn’t suck this time so I hope you’ll consider listening to the whole thing. There’s even a bonus in the end for those who decide to listen! Leave your feedback in the thread or down here under the video. As always the transcription is available in the full post thanks to mei and aldy this time. The link’s right below. Enjoy!

If you want to download the interview here’s a link!

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Episode #4

It’s here! And there as well! And it’s also up on YouTube! So many things happening at once! Well anyway, we’ve done a bunch of things to make watching the podcast over on YouTube more than just a gimmick. The wonderful AlyssaS made a bunch of animations (and by that I mean animated the whole thing) to go along with our podcast so that it’s more interesting to watch. There are buttons, show descriptions, PVs and much more (not really). This is, of course, the first time we’ve done something like that so any and all feedback is appreciated.

If you want to download the show here’s a link!

Potatoe in the Spotlight

So if you are an AB member you will know that a while ago I set out to make an interview show where I would ask notable members of AB questions about stuff. A few days ago we’ve recorded the first episode and here’s the result. I hope you’ll like it. If you don’t please do let me know so I can adjust the format. Obviously if you are not an AB member then this wont make much sense to you, so go and apply right now! The link is at the top of the page!

Expand the post if you’d rather read text than listen to our beautiful voices!
All the credit for the said trascription goes to the one and only wonderful Meimei 

If you want to download the interview here’s a link!

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Episode #3

It’s up! The third episode of the podcast should be up everywhere by now and if it’s not then spam me with angry messages. So far so good, we’ve done 3 shows and didn’t skip a single one, which is always a good sign. For all the newcomers, here are a couple of links:

Podcast Forum Thread          Interviews Forum Thread

No matter if you just joined or if you’ve been listening from the start – a big thank you for checking out the show and we hope to make it better with each upcoming episode. The YouTube video is below and as a small bonus you can now also download a .flac of the podcast.

If you want to download the show here’s a link!

We talk about… Ping Pong the Animation


Yeah so we did a thing. It’s on YouTube. Links for audio are in the post as well. Right there. The pink-ish buttons under the video. Do I have to spell everything out for you?! Seriously though. We are launching a new series which for now we call “AB Talks About X” but I’m sure we’ll come up with a better name in the future. The format is basically us updating you on what’s going on with our anime endeavors and talking in depth about a show we all watched beforehand. So it’s kind of like a review. The format is a bit shorter so some of you might prefer this to the podcast, and if you do, well you are in for a treat because we are going to be releasing these every other week (supposedly). Thanks for listening and tell us what you think!

If you want to download the show here’s a link!

Episode #2 | Feat. ramnik5

Thanks for waiting people! Here comes the second episode of our show. Discussing Autumn 2014 and all its goodness. Subscribe to the YouTube channel because we are going to be starting a new more frequent (couple of times a month) thing! If you want to know more about that listen to the show, we are talking about it closer to the end.

If you want to download the show here’s a link!

1.1 Update Log

Figured, I’d update you on the changes I’m making to the show.

Please look forward to it ™

  • Implemented conflicting opinions on the shows
  • Improved the depth of the conversation
  • Refined the script to add more depth
  • Added new topics to derail the conversation
  • Added introduction segments for each member
  • Fixed a problem with a difference in sound levels of intro/outro and actual podcast
  • Fixed an issue where people knew nothing about upcoming releases
  • Fixed an issue where parts of podcasts were getting cut off
  • Removed potatoe-quality mics and background noise.
  • Replaced BClaude with ramnik5

Review | Kyoukai no Kanata

As promised, we decided to have a go at reviewing a show. Rather than a regular review our thing is going to be a bunch of opinions thrown together so that you can see the show from different perspectives. Needless to mention spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched the show yet go and do that. For those of you unfamiliar with the show here’s a MAL link.

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2014 Roundup | Shows you may have missed

Going into this next year we, and by that the whole AB Podcast crew, wanted to put together something like a guide to this year’s shows you might’ve missed. We’ll try not to mention the ones you see in every “holiday guide” out there and point out the hidden gems which we enjoyed, but which stayed in the shadow of all the Sword Art Onlines, Kill la Kills and so on.

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Pilot Podcast | Feat. Potatoe

Well, here’s the first episode of the podcast. We hope that you all enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording the thing. If you have any suggestions for any changes or improvements please leave them here, or in the comments down below. Sorry for the random cut offs. Will try not to screw up next time. And… happy holidays!

update: go here for the iTunes link.